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House of Goths Review


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Kim’s Review: House of Goths by Maria Bernard

This is the first book by Author Maria Bernard that I have read, it is also the first time I have read about Goth/Steampunk characters and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t sure if I was going to relate or even get into the characters at first but the teaser the author shared in a group caught my attention and I decided to give the book I try. So glad that I did, it was a 4.5 Star read for me and I fell in love with each of those Goth boys!!

The House of Goths is the old Victorian home of 3 college students and bandmates; Kell, Crispin and Dorian. This house and their band is the solace they need to forget that everyone sees them as “freaks”. That is until they come home one day to find a mundane girl fast asleep on their porch surrounded by her belongings. They all wondered what would bring such a girl to their front door; perhaps she was seeking the same thing.

College life has not been easy for Becky, from arriving on campus late to having nothing in common with her dorm mates. She has always been a bit of an introvert but she thought that the “college experience” would open her up more and friendships would come easily. So far she has only found kindness in the least likely of a person but when she flees her dormitory in search of a room to rent she hopes that kindness will extend to her desperate situation.

This story is about more than a romance between two people, it is about a love that extends beyond that of a romantic aspect. We see these roommates fall in love and into an easy friendship with one another. It doesn’t start so easily for all of them, actually one of them fights tooth and nail against feeling even the slightest ounce of kinship with Becky. As all of the friendships grow and Becky and Kell tip toe around a romantic relationship, we get to know each of the roommates a little deeper and I fell in love with each and every one of them. Dorian with his playfulness, Kell who was always so serious and deep; and Crispin my favorite of them all, with his hopelessness and regal personality, will capture your heart and have you completely invested in this story.

HoG was very well written, even as a third person POV it was easy to follow and flowed very well. In doing so the author gave us glimpses into each of these characters and allowed us to get to know them all and see the situation through their eyes. I am not sure that I would have so easily fallen in love with them if it was written in first person or alternate POV’s between the H and the h. Becky at times was infuriating and naïve but that is what makes the times she found her voice and strength worth the celebration.

Overall, it was a fascinating story, it easily captured me from the first few pages and it had all the feels. I would definitely recommend giving it a try even if it seems it is not for you.

Relentless Book Chics Approved & Recommended

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