The Sweet to Your Salt

Maria Bernard – Author of Sweet Hot Romance.

As an author of fifteen published books, the word I see or hear when readers review or describe my style is Sweet. Now that word when it comes to book descriptions may mislead new readers into thinking that my books contain closed-door, fade-to-black sexy scenes. But I assure you, that is not the case. The word sweet, in this case, leans toward Sweet-Hot, open-door sexy scenes.



What to expect from my books…

My books are heavy on the romance with a healthy dose of steam.

The Sweet to Your Salt

I adore the above phrase given to me by a beloved reader. It says a lot with so little words. She enjoys my books in between heavier, dark reads. She sees them as a sort of palette cleanser, takes comfort in the sweeter side of romance that my stories bring. I love Contrasts, and this just about sums up why there’s room for all genres of books. What I get from this proclamation is that my books are the sweet to the saltier reads she also enjoys. Therefore we have Balance. Another one of my favourite words.

So be warned. Readers will encounter hot steamy scenes, written in a sweet way.

This isn’t so much a threat as it is a promise…

House of Goths
Belonging – House of Goths 2
These Bones Romance Series
Stick Shift Lips Romance Series
Paranormal Romance
Surf and Sun Romance


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