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How much do I love Wattpad?


Let me count the ways…

I love, love, love it! And so do the Wattpadders! What’s not to love?

It’s free reading without sacrificing your soul. Both readers and authors benefit from the awesome lively platform/community! I had such a good experience with House of Goths over there. So much so, I’ve added more of my books to the community. What can I say? It’s fun, and it’s encouraging to receive comments from readers as they read not only at the end but throughout the chapters. So much positive energy, I am completely hooked.

If you haven’t tried it, go on give it a shot. The worse that could happen is that you discover new up and coming authors as well as discover old favourites.

Click:  Take me to Wattpad to see what I mean.

While you’re over there, check out my free reads!

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