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Whispers… from the Heart

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Whispers by Maria Bernard

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Title: Whispers From The Heart by Maria Bernard © 2017

Genre: Christmas Romance

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Hearts will break, tears will fall, but where there is hope, love conquers all.

Recently widowed composer, Lyndon Grace, has only one thing on his mind. Christmas is fast approaching, and he needs to make it as special as possible for his motherless infant daughter. Trouble is, he hasn’t a clue how to go about it. Worse yet, he fears losing his baby girl in an impending battle for custody with his estranged in-laws.

Twenty-year-old Evelyn Dawson is at the end of her rope. Taking care of her little brother is not what she expected to do at her age. Homeless, jobless, and desperate, she needs to find a solution, quick.

Brought together by fate, and a sprinkling of benign intervention, these two souls from very different worlds attempt to make the most of an unlikely yet mutually advantageous arrangement.

© 2017 Whispers from the Heart by Maria Bernard