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The SSL Series
The Stick Shift Lips by Maria Bernard

Quotes from happy readers:
❥ This series is the best rock star romance series I’ve read.
❥ This is not a series you’ll regret reading!!!
❥ The characters keep getting better and their lives more wonderful.
❥ The Stick Shift Lips are my absolute favorite fictional band.
❥ I fell in love these characters!
❥ I fell in love with Ashton, Nick, Chris and even Jamie.
❥ Right from the beginning I loved Chloe, she is sweet, sensitive, loving with a hint of fire.
❥ Loved it! The characters are wonderful. READ THIS SERIES… totally worth it!
❥ I’ve read every book in the series. Love them. Fun read, all of them!

Hand In Glove
by Maria Bernard

Stick Shift Lips Rockstar Romance, Book 1

Starring: Ashton Wright & Chloe Martin

Have you had the pleasure yet?
What are you afraid of? Falling in love or something?

Tortured singer/songwriter Ashton Wright never expected to find love and redemption in the form of Chloe Martin, a timid and shy art school graduate, stuck in a directionless dead end job. When in a twist of fate, Chloe finds Ashton’s ad for a personal assistant, he instantly offers her the position. Dare she risk her heart and accept?

Sound Shelter by Maria Bernard

Stick Shift Lips Rockstar Romance, Book 2

Starring: Nick Arrow & Audrey Lane

When Audrey Lane hopped on a plane, hoping to kick-start her life and promising new career in the big city of Chicago, the last thing she expected was to lose her luggage along with all of her worldly possessions and being abandoned at the airport by her hair brained rocker cousin.

Read what happens when Nick Arrow, charming yet heartbroken bass player is sent to pick her up…

Sweet Reprieve by Maria Bernard

Stick Shift Lips Rockstar Romance, Book 3

Starring: Chris Arrow & Nina Bragança

Three Heartbroken and betrayed by her cheating fiancé, Nina hops in her car and drives away from everything and everyone familiar, hoping to lose herself in the cold anonymity of big city Chicago. Having no prospects for a job and with very little money, her situation soon turns desperate.

Nina isn’t at all his type but Chris finds himself inexplicably drawn to the dark haired nanny with the sad eyes that mirror his own. They have nothing in common but disillusionment and broken hearts. Will that be enough to allow them to set aside their pride and grant each other a sweet reprieve from heartache and maybe even find true love?

Reluctant Hero by Maria Bernard
Stick Shift Lips Rockstar Romance, Book 4

Starring: Jamie Gale & Kayla Reynolds

What is it they say? Never meet your heroes, you’ll only be disappointed. Well, Kayla Reynolds learned that lesson the hard way.

When Jamie Gale’s callous rejection of his biggest fan at a meet-and-greet sends her into the awaiting arms of an opportunistic sexual predator, Kayla finds herself in a heap of trouble.

Will Jamie get to her in time to be her real life hero? Will he finally put aside his lone wolf status and risk falling in love with his suddenly broken and bruised, biggest fan?

Go on, get hooked!

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Hand In Glove by Maria Bernard
Stick Shift Lips Rockstar Romance, Book 1

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