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Falquen’s Nest by Maria Bernard
These Bones Rock Star Romance ♫ ♪♫ 🎸
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♡ Synopsis: 🎸
In this classic tale of opposites attract, we meet Janie Drago and Falquen Forrester. Falquen is a moody Goth bassist, and struggling painter. He lives alone in his downtown art studio above an art supply shop. Janie is a fresh out of college, watercolorist, hoping to dive into Toronto’s art circuit and make a name for herself. What happens when fate brings two polar opposites together?

♡ These Bones Rockstar Romance Series 🎸
This series follows the adventures of four members of the Toronto Goth Band, These Bones. In each of the books, you will meet struggling artist and bass player, Falquen Forrester, his fraternal twin, the gregarious singer, Gray Forrester, the impossibly handsome lead guitar player, Darien River, and last but definitely not least the soft-spoken drummer, Jesse Rain.

✿ Falquen’s Nest ✿ Joy and Sorrow ✿ Bleed Out Your Heart ✿ Jesse’s Reign by Maria Bernard ✿ These Bones, Goth Rockstar Romance Series Book 1, 2, 3, 4

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