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Yay, and congratulations to me! It took long enough but I wanted to take my time with this one. I wanted it at its best before releasing into the wilds. Thank you for your patience. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I loved writing it. I look forward to your reviews! – Maria Bernard

House of Goths by Maria Bernard  ❤
New Adult • College • Rock Star Romance
Synopsis: 📚All Becky wants is a nice place to live…

Becky Sparks is a sweet, average girl who refuses to spend her college years in a lonely, soul destroying dorm, surrounded by people who don’t care enough to ask her name. Bassist Kelley Keele is a Goth with a dark past. He resides at what he and his equally eccentric bandmates, Crispin, and Dorian, like to refer to as the House of Goths.

On the first day of class, these two polar opposites literally crash into each other. Mesmerized by his overwhelming persona, Becky forms an instant bond with the scary Goth with red streaks in his hair. So much so that when she spies him putting up an ad for a fourth housemate, Becky jumps at the chance to move in, away from her dreary life at the unfriendly dorm. The problem is, well, she’s a girl and a mundane one at that.

© 2016 Excerpt: ❤

“Easy now,” Kelley said, watching her take a great big gulp of wine.

“Kelley… it’s Christmastime,” she sputtered with a sloppy smile. “I’m allowed.”

“Only because it’s your first time,” he chuckled indulgently. “Feel free to go nuts, but just don’t make it a habit.”

“Can I go nuts on you?” She placed the goblet down and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Why, you sexy little minx…” he said, dragging her butt closer to him, prying her lips open with his tongue.

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Quotes from Wattpad Readers  📚
❥ Great book!!!! Absolutely loved it!
❥ This is absolute pure 100% gold. I love this book!
❥ I freakin Love This Book!!!
❥ AWWWWW! Love, love, love!
❥ Oh my, I can’t put this story out of hand. I love it!
❥ Is it wrong of me to be crushing on both Crispin and Kell at the same time?
❥ I love this book, a series would be great.
❥ Crispin seems to be my favorite character for some reason.
❥ I love how the Goths interact with Becky-hot and sweet – happy the book is coming out so I can binge read!!!


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