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Dream Jobs

Falquen’s Nest, book one of my These Bones Series.
This particular story meshes together two of my interests, the visual arts and music.


A little bit about me… Maria Bernard

My family moved to Canada when I was four. I grew up in Toronto which is a great multicultural city with a ton of creative types/artists/musicians.

While I am a writer, I am also a visual artist! I studied Fine Arts (Drawing & Painting) at the Ontario College of Art & Design. Attending OCAD was the best four years of my scholastic life. Being around all those artists (students and teachers) has had a great influence in my life. I am very visually driven and I believe that comes across in my books.

Of course, being artistic by nature doesn’t always lead to making an sustainable income. Like many artists, I had to find a job in another field. For many years, I had put my creative side on hold.

Fortunately, I’m at a place in time when I can fully dedicate myself to my dream job which is writing. As you can see I’ve made the most of my time away from the corporate world. All I can say is that I’ve never been happier being busy. Whether I’m able to continue doing my dream job? Well, one can only hope.

Now you…  What your Dream Job would be?

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