Interview with Falquen Forrester



Janie: “You’re an artist? Do you use oils? I’m an artist too, only I use watercolours.”

Falquen:  “Water-based acrylics mostly. Less clean up.”

Cora Drago:  “Interesting subject matter. Why all the skulls, may I ask?”

Falquen:  “I like bones. Skeletons fascinate me. We all have them, underneath it all.”

Cora Drago:  “Janie also tells us that you work in the art supply store downstairs. Is that right?”

Falquen:  “Yes, the Crypt. It’s my shop. It’s where I work…. selling art supplies…”

Cora: “The Crypt, an odd name for a shop, isn’t it?”

Falquen:  Mrs. Drago, let me assure you, I am not a devil worshipper and I have no plans to offer your daughter up as a sacrifice.”

Caryn: Falquen…I love your name! And your face, hair, and voice. Can you paint portraits? I would love to have one of the Forrester brothers! Oh yeah, I love Gray too. What was it like growing up with him? Competitive?

Falquen: Oh, I can paint portraits. As a matter of fact, I have painted Gray’s portrait on many occasions but he will be the first to tell you that I don’t do him justice. So, you see, I don’t bother anymore. Growing up with Gray… well, let’s just say there was no lack of entertainment in our house. Competitive? Not in the least. We are not alike enough to compete. If it was attention he wanted, attention he got. Which took the pressure off of me. See?


    • Falquen

      If ever you were to visit, I would be more than happy to show you my latest creation. My art is best viewed in an gallery or in my studio. My paintings are quite large and to display them on a computer screen would not do them justice. The point would be lost.

    • Falquen

      How does one choose between going without water or food? Both are essential to my existence. Take either away and I cease to exist.

    • Falquen

      I love the bastard. Truly I do. We’re both quite aware of each other’s feelings, so no need for secrets. Nothing I say will come as a surprise to him. I simply can’t be around him for long before his constant chattering drives me out of my tree. He loves attention, craves it and I’m just not that interested. That’s why we live apart. He thrives in the limelight, needs to be the centre of attention. I’m quite the opposite. I need the quiet, the dark. It’s where I shine, the dark.

  • LaDonna

    My husband would like to know your tricks for charming your inlaws? After 10 years, he still hasn’t had a whole lot of luck in that area, especially his father-in-law.

    • Falquen

      Aww… yes, the eternal question. How to win over the in-laws. I’ll tell you one thing, charm is not my strength. That particular trait I do not possess. Charm is more my brother’s style. To be honest, I don’t ever feel the need to win anyone over. You either like me or not. I am who I am.
      In Janie’s case, I was not the charmer. Thankfully, she was instantly drawn to me. In our case, she was the true charmer, for I did not stand a chance against those eyes of blue. Which is a very good thing (for us both).
      As for her parents, I only did what I did because of my love of her. With her parents, I was upfront, I was direct and I believe that is what worked in my case. Whether I’ve won them over, I’m not quite convinced.
      My advice to you husband is this; that he treat you well, keep you safe, keep you near to his heart. He does not need your father’s approval, only his respect.

  • Robin

    Prior to Janie, who was the most influential person in your life, music and art? 2. within the band who was the person you look up to or depend on the most? 3. Sugar skulls?

    • Falquen

      Very nice question, Robin
      I’ve had a few influential individuals in my life. I would have to say one or two of my art professors were quite instrumental in regards to my artistic pursuits. Before they passed away, my parents were my primary source of influence.
      Where music is concerned, I’m a huge fan of Goth music but not exclusive to it. I quite enjoy Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, HIM, Siousxie and the Banshees. I also quite like The Cult.
      And… I love all my bandmates. Of course, what you’re really wondering is about my relationship with my dear brother, Gray. Like I mention in an earlier question, I love the windbag. I wouldn’t trade him for the world, even if I have to get away from him now and then. Darien and I have great relationship. He’s an easygoing happy go lucky sort. He cheers me up. Jesse, well, how does one even start? Love his bluntness.

      Why not sugar skulls? 😉

      • Robin

        For some reason I always picture Jesse as like the bouncer…I don’t know why but I see him as dependable but self assured at the same time.

        I love your confidence in you. I hope that makes sense!

        • Falquen

          Thank you, Robin, this confidence you speak of comes from being an artist. You have to have a certain amount of thick skin to present your art to the world to then have it torn apart by critics. Maria B, will say, a sense of humour is what she uses best. But seeing as I don’t have much of that, I rely on my thick skin.
          Jesse, the bouncer, interesting viewpoint, I have never thought of him that way. But I must say, he is our secret weapon. While he’s the calmest, most mild mannered, least violent person I have ever met, one does not underestimate Jesse’s ability to defend those he loves with every ounce of stealth known to man. He is a force to be reckoned with, I’ll give you that.