Interview with Jesse Moon Rain


Maria B: Please feel free to ask Jesse any questions. Be warned, though, he may take his time answering… 

Maria B:  Welcome, Jesse! Let me start by saying you were a joy to write. You’re my unsung hero, the tall dark and handsome young warrior of my dreams. If ever I was to fall in love with one of my own characters, you would be it. How does that make you feel?

Jesse:  Wow… How does that make me feel? I think I’ll have to come back with an answer later. Lady, you’ve rendered me speechless. It’s not everyday I’m faced with such a declaration.

Maria B:  Of course, take your time. I of all people know you hate to be rushed. I will await your answer as patiently as possible.


Beverly & Jesse…

Jesse:  Don’t be shy. Start with something simple then work your way up to complicated.

Beverly:  Okay, here goes. Who are you, Jesse Rain, and where do you come from?

Jesse:  You’ve started with the complicated.

Beverly:  I thought you said you weren’t complicated.

Jesse:  I’m not, but your question is.


  • LaDonna

    Ah, Jesse, I have absolutely come to adore you in the These Bones series, most especially in your own book, Jesse’s Reign. For most interviews, I wouldn’t ask something like this, but I think your answer could be much more interesting than most, as I know you will put thought into it. What is your favorite color, and why?

    • Jesse

      Hello, LaDonna, thank you for your interest in me. Hmm… favourite colour… Besides black, you mean? My answer would have to be red. Yes, red, for many reasons. Red is the colour of blood, life, love, you name it, it’s red.

    • Jesse

      Annoying… I don’t know if I would say any of them are truly annoying. Although, everyone’s personalities are so different. Then there are the moods to contend with… I’d more likely say, too much time spent with any of them will wear on me. Perhaps, I’d be more accurate to say which of them wears on me the least. That would have to be Darien. We work well together. We have an understanding.

    • Jesse

      The biggest slob? Absolutely 100% Gray Forrester. The man leaves a trail of destruction wherever he’s been. The most helpful, Darien. When not chasing girls (Before meeting Faith, of course), he’s quite the capable handyman, and let’s just Gray’s old Victorian “mansion” is in constant need of repair.

  • LaDonna

    Now that you have all settled in with your women, who do you think is most likely to have children first? How about you and the lovely Beverly? Are there plans in the works? Would you prefer girls or boys? Puppies? Kittens?

    • Jesse

      I would never venture to guess at who would be first at anything. Life is not a competition. Especially when it comes to children. I can only speak for myself. I am open to any and all possibilities. While I am in no hurry, when the time comes, I will welcome babies with Beverly, boys or girls… Perhaps a boy first. Just because I I feel my sister worked so hard looking after me, in a way it would be like returning the favour. Hopefully, a big brother might look after his little sister, for a change. 😉 Oh, and bring on the puppies!

    • Jesse

      I would love to take a course on the culinary arts. I love cooking. While I’m told I’m quite good at it, one can never learn too much.

  • LaDonna

    Who are some of your favorite bands to listen to? What music/musicians inspire you? Any bands/musicians that you truly dislike? Being from Canada, how do you feel about Nickelback and Justin Beiber?

  • LaDonna

    One of my passions is photography. Do you enjoy photoshoots? Where do you think would be a perfect spot for a photoshoot for the band? For you personally? How about you and Beverly? And do you ever pick up a camera yourself? What do you like to take photos of?

    • Jesse

      Actually, I am not a photographer. Marly is, though. You might enjoy talking to her about it. In fact, I believe she is working on setting up various photoshoots for the band in various locations around Toronto. I’m sure she’s excited to take our photos on our trip to Whitby, England’s GothFest. We’ll have to fight Gray for spot, though. The man has a thing for cameras. It’s just another reason he and Marly are a perfect match.

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