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Falquen’s Nest, Book 1 of the These Bones series.
A Book dedicated to my favourite city, Toronto, Canada. (Home to many diverse, talented individuals.)

This book and its series partners spawned the House of Goths which many of you are already familiar with. It’s a genre that captivates me and I don’t really know why. As I explained in my previous post, my fascination with Gothdom actually started in A Dream for Winter with my very sweet goth boy, Sage Winters Lane…

What fascinates me even more is how two very different individuals can come together and somehow form a bond. In Falquen’s Nest we meet Janie Drago, a watercolourist who’s literally afraid of her own shadow yet in the company of Falquen Forrester, a very intimidating, moody, reluctant Goth painter/bassist, she forms an unlikely comradeship.


Here’s a few lines from Falquen’s Nest.

Chapter 1

“I’ve got one more place to check out.”

“Well, I sure hope this one turns out better for you than the last two.”

Janie raised her eyebrows in agreement as she finished her coffee. Understatement of the year, that was, actually. Janie wasn’t completely naive. She had anticipated a little difficulty in finding a decent apartment but she hadn’t realized that it would be this challenging.

“Well, at least, this one is in the art district,” Charlotte said encouragingly as she handed the newspaper clipping back to Janie. “You’ll fit in just fine there.”

“Is it?” She had no clue about what neighbourhoods were best when it came to this city. As far as she could tell, one moment you could be walking down a seemingly safe street to then turn a corner and find yourself in a completely seedy, scary stretch of road.

“Yeah, well sort of,” Charlotte said reflectively. “Parts of it can get a tad sketchy after dark, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. Besides, you won’t be living alone either so….”

“Right…” Janie said, chewing on her bottom lip. Just who would she end up living with, she wondered warily.

It was already late in the day, and Janie was tired and discouraged. She glanced down at her newspaper clipping and scratched a big red X on the last apartment she looked at. She shuddered just thinking about the place.




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